How to find out the Firmware version and perform a software update in your Samsung Smart TV

It’s less common now than in previous years, but Samsung TVs often have issues with Wi-Fi connections. They’ll randomly stop functioning after leaving the TV off for a while and require the connection to be set up again, which is quite annoying. In early January 2023, Samsung announced the vast majority of their 2023 lineup.

It will now be in recovery mode which looks similar to this. Hold down the volume down, home and power buttons together. Hold down the volume up, home and power buttons together.

Fix Boot Logo Loop Issue When Updating Firmware on a Samsung Smart TV

Then, from the new pop-up menu, select the “Update” function. Often, HBO Max will update itself automatically by default. Everyone with software problems should use “ChangeSoftware” again to fix them.

  • Can you please check that you’re on the correct firmware version for your TV, you’ll need to be on version 1147.
  • Rufus will warn you before taking actionYou might need to unplug the drive and reconnect it before it will appear again.
  • My Samsung subwoofer has a blue light on but no sound.

When I plug it in to my computer it is listed as a MT65xx android phone. Yes, you are right, I am very late for the comment. Today, some of the solutions are no longer possible for more recent models. However, this is NOT a comments forum, but a tutorial page meant to help people, and what I said is correct and intemporal.

Bose Smart Soundbar 900

Subscription are required to access certain content. To access or edit your watchlist you must be signed into your Google Account. Live TV recommendations available in the US only. Subscription required to access certain live TV content.


Using the steps outlined in this guide should help you fix the Samsung soundbar subwoofer. If you are still experiencing issues after trying all of these steps, contact Samsung customer support for further assistance. If you are using a wireless connection between your soundbar and subwoofer, there may be interference causing issues with the connection. If you are using a separate audio source such as a Blu-ray player, check the audio output connections on that device to ensure that they are properly connected and not loose. There could be a number of reasons your Samsung subwoofer won’t connect with the soundbar.

The Samsung S95B displays 720p content, including most cable TV channels well, with no noticeable artifacts. Since this TV uses RGB subpixels with an extremely precise spectral power distribution , we also took measurements with the Judd alternate white point as well. We use a Colorimetry Research CR-250 spectroradiometer as part of our calibration process, creating a profile for each TV that exactly matches the SPD of the TV we’re calibrating.

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