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Furthermore, BLF can be integrated into fixed-mobile convergence environments and utilized with mobile or smartphones. When this is done, the phone is linked to the BLF almost like a normal extension. The BLF will then show the employee’s call status in the office, alerting colleagues as to whether or not they are using their mobile or smartphone, even if they are in a completely separate location. The BLF must be manually configured on a compatible device by the phone user either as an add-on feature that can be connected to the phone or as a software on a computer. The number of BLFs that can be applied to a phone vary based on the area and type of application. BLF is a valuable asset to companies that utilize a large amount of phone line extensions under one system.


Imply active or earnest effort to accomplish something, or a habitual attitude of such earnestness. Professor Roger Martin is a writer, strategy advisor and in 2017 was named the #1 management thinker in world. A busy place is full of people who are doing things or moving about.

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I became intrigued during my hiring process by the task of figuring out what Deans did. A big component was financial planning, budgeting, auditing, and control. Another was everything related to the hiring of faculty, which was a convoluted and time-consuming dance. When a telephone line is busy, you cannot make your call because the line is already being used by someone else.

Guapo was busy plucking his macaws, but at the word tapir he sprang to his feet, making the feathers fly in all directions. Adjective Engaged in another activity or by someone else. Pertaining or due to energetic action; manifesting constant or rapid movement. Adjective Characterized by or sustaining much activity.

Verb To make somebody busy, to keep busy with, to occupy, to make occupied. Transitive verb To make or keep busy; to employ; to engage or keep engaged; to occupy. She is busy reading blog posts, newsletters, tweeting, and talking on the telephone, All of these are time wasters that keep her from the important things she is trying to do. The notion of “anxiousness” has drained from the word since Middle English.

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It is not impossible to do in the knowledge economy. Organizations expand capacity by adding another unit of production — i.e., another person — but as much as the organization would wish, the addition isn’t homogenous or seamless. At a minimum, both the original person and the new person have to spend lots of time meeting with one another to coordinate their activities. Sometimes ‘too busy’ is used as a sign of success of a flourishing career or a full life.

  • Remember that strategy is what you do not what you say.
  • BLF increases phone system visibility and maintains the flow of office communication.
  • Of display work, “excessively detailed, visually cluttered,” 1903.
  • I busied myself in the kitchen and tried hard not to worry.
  • ” — too often, I respond with words indicating that I’ve been busy.

I will be hanged if some eternal villain, / Some busy and insinuating rogue, / Some cogging, cozening slave, to get some office, / Have not devised this slander; I’ll be hanged else. In fact she was so busy doing all the things that anyone might, who finds themselves alone in an empty house, that she did not notice at first when it began to turn dusk and the rooms to grow dim. His hands were busy with his garments all this time; turning them inside out, putting them on upside down, tearing them, mislaying them, making them parties to every kind of extravagance. Find similar words to busy using the buttons below. He was probably too busy with school to pay attention to politics. Full of activity; characterized by much action or motion.

View full size photo uploaded June 1, 2009 Donovan McNabb posted an update over on his Yardbarker blog about what he calls his busy time of year. Donovan McNabb posted an update over on his Yardbarker blog about what he calls his busy time of year. In my career days I was often overwhelmed with projects, meetings, and other work commitments. It left me too busy to have much of a personal life. Being ‘too busy’ is a good response when I want to avoid doing something — especially something that will take a lot of time. I can tell a friend that I’ve been ‘too busy’ to call her.

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My fundamental personal strategy problem was that I couldn’t do all those things while spending my time on the things the previous Dean had. So, I embarked on a project to eliminate 100 status quo days from my annual schedule to replace them with 100 days of higher-value activities for which I had the MHC to excel. So, when the unit of production is relatively high-end talent — like a CEO, a head of R&D, a guru of branding — an individual can become the gating function of the entire organization. Hence personal strategy is very important in the knowledge economy. The essential unit of production in the knowledge economy is the human, and that unit has a couple of tricky features.

I took aim at the 50 days doing financial management. I inherited a terrific Chief Administrative Officer, Mary Ellen Yeomans, who was brilliant and dramatically underleveraged in her role. I told her that my aim was to get my annual days on finance down to 5 days a year.

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It’s a status badge — being super busy means that you are in demand — it’s cool to be busy. To make somebody busy or active; to occupy.On my vacation I’ll busy myself with gardening. Look up any word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app. DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. I don’t like the busyness of stores around the holidays.

As a result, we earned the first 7-figure and 8-figure unsolicited donations, in UofT’s 150+ year history. We raised a quarter billion dollars in my 15 years as Dean. While that is chump change for my alma mater, Harvard University, in Canada that easily led all business school peers. And, since this doesn’t happen automatically, you need a personal management system for doing it on an ongoing basis — because on this front, eternal vigilance is the price of effectiveness.

She was stunned and a bit taken aback, thinking that I was telling her it was a low priority for me. I explained that I thought that she was so talented and knowledgeable in university finances and University of Toronto’s in particular , that she was better equipped than me. I had specific things in mind for finance at Rotman, including a fundamentally different funding model for the faculty — so it was really important. But her MHC were as good or better than mine and my hours were needed elsewhere.

Slots, especially at peak times of day and in busy corridors like the Northeast, are valuable to airlines. Help support Wordnik (and make this page ad-free) by adopting the word busy. ’ I make a conscious effort to give a positive response. I talk about something in my life that is enjoyable or rewarding. Today, I answered the question by saying simply, “i’m happy”. ‘Too busy’ is a response that indicates priorities that supersede.

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I have been far too busy to think about taking time off. I busied myself with voluntary work and, in time, forgot that I was miserable. I busied myself in the kitchen and tried hard not to worry.

I needed to motivate our professors and give them something to believe in. I had to fix the economics of the School to be able to hire a cadre of world-class professors. I needed to build the reputation of Rotman for intellectual property leadership, especially in the areas of Integrative Thinking and Business Design. I had to establish a culture of student service — and, in particular, having a culture in which professors valued teach alongside research. Adjective Crowded with business or activities; — said of places and times. Adjective Engaged in some business; hard at work ; occupied with serious affairs; not idle nor at leisure.


Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news. We have to cross a busy main road to get to school. The children busied themselves with puzzles all day.

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By the end of my time as Dean, it was 120 FTTS professors and another 50 adjuncts and it took eight weeks of my year. But I still felt it was one of the very most valuable uses of my time as Dean. Observers often asked me how much time I spent on fundraising. One was 100% because I worked 100% of my time on making the School worthy of donations. The other was 5% because I spent only a couple of hours a week meeting with rich people and asking them for money. When I was appointed Dean of the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto in 1998, it was my first academic job of any sort.

I taught no fewer than two courses a year — and as many as seven — even though average collection period formula’s have a ‘teaching load’ of zero, because I wanted to lead other professors by example. They couldn’t claim their other work was too busy for them to teach when the person with the heaviest non-teaching schedule in the School taught when he had zero obligation to do so. The organizational challenge intensifies as the non-fungibility of the unit of production increases. If the unit of production is Julia Roberts, Warren Buffett, Taylor Swift, or Patrick Mahomes, there isn’t another unit of production that is even remotely close. The organization in question has exactly one unit of production and it won’t be getting another any time soon. As he enters what he calls his busy season, Young is preparing for some trade shows and hopes to have even more announcements as his small company expands its market.

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