Agile or Traditional Testing Is There Truly a Difference?

Hence, proper planning, tracking, and re-planning of the testing activities need to be done on the fly with product quality as the goal. In Agile, a quality working product should be ready for release at any point of time in the development lifecycle. This implies continuous integration as a part of development. An Agile tester needs to support continuous integration with continuous testing. Everyone tests − In agile testing, the entire team including analysts, developers, and testers test the application. After every iteration, even the customer performs the User Acceptance Testing.

definition of agile testing

No, because each story must be developed and tested within the same sprint as part of the Definition of Done. To understand why test-driven development worked so well in this project, that had no testing teams, let’s return to the layers of the product that had no user interface. This little detail makes all the difference, as it allows programmers to test their code with a clear definition of the expected results. This is the perfect scenario for programmers who had no test groups to rely on.

What is agile testing? Why is it important?

The best result can be achieved by the self-organizing teams. Receive crucial feedback to guide continual iterations.

definition of agile testing

Tester create the required test cases – both manual and automated tests. Agile Testing is a software testing practice that follows the principles of agile software development. The test case involved in this second quadrant is business-driven, usually manual and automated functional tests, prototypes, and examples of test scenarios performed by the testing team. The following method in agile testing is behavior-driven development. The BDD enhances the communication between the project stakeholders to facilitate the members adequately and understood all the components before the development process begins. While doing the agile testing, we need to execute the testing process during the implementation that helps us to decrease the development time.

An example of agile testing plan

Take advantage of our 30 day trial to see how Helix ALM’s Test Case Management module can help you reap the benefits of Agile testing and achieve a holistic Agile testing strategy. So you’ll lower the risk of finding a bug at the very end of testing — and missing a release deadline. There are many ways to outline your Agile test strategy. You may simply outline the strategy in a document. So there needs to be an Agile test strategy, rather than an Agile test plan. It doesn’t matter which Agile test methodology you use — Scrum, XP, Kanban, or even hybrid Agile.

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
  • Ability to display critical, quality-oriented, skeptical thinking about the product.
  • In today’s fast-paced software world, quick product delivery is often not an option but a necessity.
  • In 21+ years, our QA team has tested every type of software there is, and here are some of their specialties.

The “development team” in an Agile context has many engineers doing whatever tasks they are capable of doing, when and where needed, versus fixed roles. XBOSoft has a fixed team with members who are experts in their roles and can help support your company every step of the way. It basically represents a user’s perspective and represents the possible ways of how the system can function. It also ensures that the system functions as planned.


The second phase of the Agile testing life cycle is agile testing planning. In this phase, the developers, test engineers, stakeholders, customers, and end-users team up to plan the testing process schedules, regular meetings, and deliverables. As companies grow, agile testing teams often rely on software testing tools to solve challenges that can ultimately speed-up the release of feedback making sure.

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For example, test case development begins after the design and requirements are completed and during coding. When testing is active, then design and product teams are at work designing the next release feature set. The product management team, like Agile, plans and documents the requirements based on customer needs. The plan and requirements documentation moves into the coding phase.

What Are the Main Advantages of Agile Testing?

With the above testing methodologies well in place, it’s difficult to assess which type of tests should be run, how often to run, when to run, and who to run it by? The famous concept of agile testing quadrants comes into picture here, given by Gregory and Crispin, that provides a taxonomy of the tests. As per Crispin, the two left-hand quadrants can help teams know which of the given codes to write and understand when they are done writing. The two-right handed quadrants helps the team know more about the code they have written by providing valuable feedback to the left-hand quadrants.

definition of agile testing

Attempting to answer these questions will save you from wasting time on features that don’t work. Wrike Blog Latest news and best practices on project management. Gantt Charts Interactive project scheduling across teams. Project what is agile testing Resource Planning Plan and allocate resources for timely delivery. Kanban Boards Instantly view project progress and create customized workflows. Automation Define and trigger automated workflows to eliminate manual efforts.

Agile Testing Vs. Waterfall Testing

The right automation tool, is key to a successful agile development strategy. Testing happens at the end of the development cycle. This design structure is sequential and relatively rigid, as little can be changed during the project. One of the main activities of traditional testing is comprehensive test documentation which is a mandatory part of any testing project.

Face-to-face conversation with the development team is the most effective and efficient method of conveying information within the team. Each time the team meets, it reviews and adjusts its behavior in order to become more effective. The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams. And with ValueEdge, our value stream management platform, you can deploy state-of-the-art Agile and DevOps best practices to track app release backlog & pipeline progress. Agile teams need to communicate constantly to be successful. Testers need to be able to effectively communicate with all team members, as well as with the customer.

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Another frequently faced challenge while executing agile testing is the lack of documentation. The probabilities of error are more agile as documentation is given less importance and ultimately puts more burden on the testing team. Like other Quadrants, various types of testing are performed in quadrant 4 to deliver the non-functional qualities and the expected value.

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