13 Fears About Sobriety That Will Sabotage Your Recovery

A more fun, carefree, connected, and fulfilling existence. Struggling with not drinking and continuing to desire to drink was another big one mentioned. That AA and the 12 steps are required for sobriety. When I got sober 6 years ago, everything I thought about recovery was wrong. Our supportive admissions navigators are available 24/7 to assist you or your family.

When you used drugs and alcohol, you probably worried that once you were clean and sober, you would not have any friends. You might also think that the people you meet will not want to be around you because you do not engage in the same activities they do. This fear is rooted in the insecurity and feelings of worthlessness that addiction https://ecosoberhouse.com/ causes an individual. Part of the treatment you will receive will be to help you discover what is good and loveable about yourself. People are able to get back up after relapse, get additional treatment, and try again. It may not always seem like it, but recovering patients benefit from the support and love of family and friends.

“I Am Afraid I Cannot Make It Through Stressful Days Without Drinking”

I was absolutely terrified that if I couldn’t drink like most of the people my age, then surely that would knock me down on the level of being desirable for finding a partner. One thing I’ve learned in my seven and a half years in recovery is that we all have fear, and we all overcome those fears, instead choosing recovery. What I know from this side of the fence is that life in recovery gives us everything that we had looking for at the bottom of a bottle. Fear of recovery not working and that you will return to use is real.

Biggest Fears About Getting Sober

You will actually be more fun to be around knowing that intoxication from substances cannot limit you. You can fully enjoy everything fear of being sober and people can have fun around someone who is thinking straight. A second fear can be that you are afraid you will not like sobriety.

The Stages of Relapse

Clients need to be reminded that lack of self-care is what got them here and that continued lack of self-care will lead back to relapse. They are caused by insufficient coping skills and/or inadequate planning, which are issues that can be fixed . Clients are encouraged to challenge their thinking by looking at past successes and acknowledging the strengths they bring to recovery . This reaction is termed the Abstinence Violation Effect . Clinical experience has shown that occasional thoughts of using need to be normalized in therapy.

What are the hardest days of sobriety?

The first 30 days of sobriety might be the hardest. Depending on how you decide to stop using alcohol, you may be going through detox, attending addiction treatment, or participating in AA or NA meetings.

But I coped and I feel infinitely stronger for doing it on my own without drugs and alcohol to inhibit my progress. You have probably been closed off for so long that you are understandably afraid to do, see, hear, and fail. You look at treatment as this big, mysterious black hole that you will fall into and never come out of.

How To Face Your Fears Of Being Sober

Giving up your addiction can feel a lot like losing a friend or breaking up with a boyfriend. Albeit, a co-dependent and toxic friend, but one that has been there for you nonetheless. You also have to learn to live without your IRL using friends. Learning to live without your addiction is scary for this very reason and is one of the biggest reasons that addicts fear getting better.

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